Imperative Transformation Journey (ITJ) is a solution practice that offers profound transformation to the human experience. ITJ offers unique instruments which aim to “peel off” the multiple layers that impede our clients’ ability to reach the top of the mountain. We believe that every individual has the ability and capacity to achieve their goals. The key to this achievement is to follow an ignited path that is filled with clear and regular replenishment points. ITJ appreciates that each individual is unique, and therefore we invest time and effort in understanding our clients before recommending a sound journey. We do not force solutions onto our clients, but we walk alongside them in the journey so that we can ignite the path, especially at the darkest curve of their journey. We appreciate that in order for the solutions to be sustainable, our clients need to have faith in the outlined journey and the desire to implement the recommended solution independently, while we continue to offer a supportive role.

Our Mission

“To ignite each client’s path with a sustainable light, in order to lead a balanced and meaningful life.”


“To ignite prosperity in every client’s life.”