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As spiritual beings living the human experience on earth, we are in process of manifesting the unique resources of the universe. While we’re in this process we need to peel off the layers that impede the connection to the inexhaustible intelligence. In Transit with Tshidi Wa Ga Pila taps the wiring of the consciousness, so that our journey becomes lighter, more blissful and connected to the divine purpose of the universe.
I know now that life is happening for me, and not to me. I know that I am the vessel of multiple seeds and I have to plant all of them so that the universe can manifest itself through each blossom. I am on earth to be used extensively – by LIFE! When life no longer has any use you me in the current form I will transform into a different energy.
In Transit with Tshidi Wa Ga Pila is a perfect corner where you and I can check our luggage and our wiring, and where we will get the tools we need to continue with the journey of prosperity. Join me on 1912 Online Radio every Saturday from 07:00 am to 08:30 am.

Welcome to Soulful TV, brought to you by Imperative Transformation Journey. Our intention is to create insightful conversations that are fundamental for the growth of every spiritual being. The unfolding of life requires a deliberate process of understanding the language of the universe. Key elements of the process is studying our inner conversation and inner value, self-leadership, and unpacking the “bigger why” of life. Our platform is unique and purposeful. We are all about inner transformation and not popularity. Not everyone will tune in, but it is about the few that opt to be deliberate about their journey in the universe, who seek alternative solutions to life, who are constantly curious and who are creating a generational legacy. Enjoy the interviews. We look forward to your interaction and feedback.

If the soul has a heart, then The Imperative Magazine is the heart of the Imperative Transformation Journey soul. This magazine is about the stories of spiritual beings having a human experience. It is designed for the seekers, the ones who are willing to challenge the truth as it has been told, and allow the infinite realities to infiltrate every cell of their human form so that they begin to tune in their inner eyes. The inner eyes are important for the profound transformation of creating a purposeful ecosystem.